Kitchen Tile

shutterstock_21200620We spend a great deal of time in the kitchen so it’s important that it looks good. Using tile in the kitchen adds beauty and style to your cooking area.

There is a host of designs that you can choose from. Kitchen tiles are not only used on floors but can also be used for counter tops and walls as well.

Types of Kitchen Tiles

There is a range of kitchen tiles that are suitable for use in a kitchen environment:
Ceramic – Economical.  It makes for a durable option and is easy to maintain.

Slate tiles – Used extensively in kitchens. Long lasting but may crack in harsh conditions.

Marble – It is more expensive than most of the types of tiles. It needs high maintenance as it can be marred by stains easily.

Granite – On the expensive side.  It is strong and durable and can withstand years of hard use.

Glass tiles – It is well known for its style and beauty and is popular.

Kitchen tiles have to be selected carefully. Certain parts in the kitchen such as the walls near the oven or burner should have tiles that can withstand high temperatures. There is a range of tiles available that are in perfect accordance with every kind of special purpose in the kitchen.

Selecting the Right Kitchen Tile

You will have to be careful while choosing the tiles for different parts of the kitchen. For cabinet and counter tops, ceramic tiles maybe the preferred choice. Granite tiles are best for flooring. You can choose dirt resistant tiles for kitchen walls.

You can use your creativity and blend the different kinds of tiles to get a beautiful look in your kitchen, or call your Chandler flooring store for advice.

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