Natural Stone Tile

shutterstock_26503021Natural stone not only provides years of durability, it’s become the material of choice for high end, luxurious installations.  The beauty of natural stone is unmatched. Modern techniques of quarrying and finishing natural stone have led to many options when it comes to choosing the material you want.

Natural Stone is Renewable

Stone can now be used in most any area of a home.  From walkways to counter tops to bathroom vanities and shower areas, stone is a great choice is cared for properly.  One word of caution about natural stone from your Chandler flooring store: using harsh or abrasive cleaners can dull the shine or scratch the surface of natural stone.  Luckily, stone can be refinished back to it’s original look which makes natural stone a material that can last for decades.  Even if a surface was to wear out, it could be refinished back to a brand new look.

Choosing The Right Natural Stone

Not every type of stone is right for every application.  In heavy traffic areas, choose a stone that will provide durability and resist scratching. On a kitchen counter top, stain resistance becomes important factor to maintaining the beauty of your natural stone.

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