Types of Wood Flooring

shutterstock_5594551If you’ve decided on hardwood as your choice of flooring, you’ve made a great choice.  You have many options when it comes to selecting the hardwood that’s best for you.  One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your hardwood floors though it is whether to go with unfinished (site finished) or pre-finished flooring materials. What are the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each? Read on to find out.

Pre-finished Flooring

Pre-finished hard wood floors have the advantage of making all your choices at once. When you settle on prefinished hardwood flooring material, you have chosen the type of wood, the stain, and the finish all at once. Prefinished floors come in all types of woods, a whole variety of stains and most finishes you can think of. They are available in both solid and engineered woods. The advantage of making all your choices at once is also the disadvantage. If, once they are installed, you decide you want a different finish then you have to have the current finish sanded off, a new stain applied, and the sealant reapplied. This can get very messy and will cost more than you intended. The other advantage though, is that if you do like the final product it is all done already and there is no mess to clean up.

Unfinished or Site Finished Flooring

If you cannot really make up your mind what finish you would like, or you are not too sure the one you like will work in the room you are renovating or building, then unfinished floors are the way to go. Both engineered and solid floors can be bought and installed unfinished, giving you the ability to see the raw floor and choose a finish once the floor is already down. These products are also the choice to go with if you want a customized look that you get from a handscraped texture. You can buy prefinished with a handscraped look, but it would not be the same as a site finished handscraped floor. The advantages end there, however, as the finishing process can be extremely messy and will automatically add to the price you pay for installation. There will be sawdust everywhere and the room will be unusable for as long as it takes the stain and finish to properly cure.

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